Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a popular game played across the U.S. by amateurs and professionals alike. The great thing about ping pong is that with a table set up you can simply pick up a paddle and play. Ok, you may not be the greatest player alive but that can’t stop you from having fun with friends and enjoying the game. It really is easy to play and we out some basic rules to help you on your way it really doesn’t take much for you to improve as a player.

Quick History of Ping Pong

The game of ping pong was invented sometime in the 1880s as a ‘Parlor Game’, and was an adaption of lawn tennis that could not be played outside in the cold British winter. Originally reserved for the English upper class, ping pong was usually played after dinner and was also known as Whiff Whaff. The game was often played with anything at hand, sometimes books being used for paddles and golf balls being used.

The name Ping Pong was officially trademarked in the year 1901 by a British manufacturer who later sold the name to the Parker Brothers in the U.S. The game quickly grew in popularity and the Ping Pong Association was formed and later renamed the Table Tennis Association in 1922.

What is the Difference between Ping Pong and Table Tennis?

The first reference of the name ‘Table Tennis’ dates back to 1887 although that initially appearded on a board game and not actually used to refer to what was then known as ping pong. The name ping pong dates back further than that although not by much.

The difference between the two games is still very much disputed today. One difference that is often citied is that in Ping Pong each shot must see the ball bounce on both sides of the table whereas in the case of Table Tennis this only applies to the serve. This isn’t necessarily the case though and the only real difference is that Table Tennis was the name given to the competitive sport now played at the Olympics as Ping Pong wasn’t considered a serious enough name.

The name Ping Pong originated from the sound that the ball made when being hit back and forth between players, hence it stuck.

Where is Ping Pong Played?

Ping Pong is now played around the world and some sources even quote it as the most popular racquet sport above even lawn tennis and badminton! As already mentioned above one of the main reasons Ping Pong is so popular is because it so easy to play. It can be played by young and old alike regardless of how athletic someone is.

Countries Where Ping Pong is Played:

  • China
  • U.S.
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Russia
  • Croatia

Ping Pong Rules

The last thing we want to be here at The Bro Zone is boring, that is why instead of diving in to every rule of Table Tennis ever written our guide to Ping Pong Rules is instead a quick guide to get you started.

We know the last thing you want to do before playing is learn every law off by heart, instead once you have a grasp of the game you head off and start playing. Once you have a rough idea of how to play the rest will follow easily.

Best Ping Pong Tables

You can’t play Ping Pong without a table, however not all tables are made equal. The quality of the ping pong table depends on a number of factors and different manufacturers specialize in certain types. You also need to consider whether you’re looking for a table to use indoors or outdoors and also if you need to able to fold it away or not.

To help you choose the best ping pong table for your needs our comparison and review guide looks at the 10 top tables available. We review each in detail so you can concentrate on playing the game you enjoy so much.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Just as is it without a table, Ping Pong is also very difficult without the right paddles. However as is also the case with tables, choosing the right paddle can have a huge impact on your overall enjoyment of the game and also your skill level.

A modern ping pong paddle can improve your control, power and spin making you a far greater player than if you just use a standard, cheaply made bat. To help you find the best paddle we’ve again compared the top 10 products around hopefully making your decision even easier.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong balls are another piece of equipment that need to be considered before playing. You may be thinking that surely all Ping Pong balls must be the same quality but this just isn’t the case. Ask anyone who has ever tried to play with poorly made Ping Pong balls and they will tell you the game just wasn’t as much fun.

Ping Pong Practice Robots

Looking to not only play Ping Pong for fun but also to improve and get better? Maybe you’re even thinking of turning professional one day but just can’t find enough people to practice with you every day for hours on end. If this sounds like you than the answer may well be to invest in a Ping Pong robot.

With a practice robot you’re able to repeatedly practice shots over and over again, whether you’re looking to improve your backhand or even your forehand smash. You can configure the robot to test you in different ways and repetition really is the key to improving your game.

Ping Pong Shoes

Now this may not be a priority for everyone but if you play Ping Pong a lot, maybe often in tournaments or other big competitions than investing in suitable footwear is a must. Some people underestimate just how much footwork matters when it comes to Ping Pong and ensuring you have suitable grip can really help take your game to the next level.