Why More Women Should Start Playing Golf

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Although Golf is a sport that quickly categorized as an individual sport, it is most often played with others, with a maximum of four players per group.

It is also a sport that can be learned, played and enjoyed by people of all ages, from children as young as four to those of us as old as 99!

Traditionally, Golf began as a men’s only sport. There was even a related misconception that the word GOLF was an acronym for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”. Unforatenly this led to women initially steering clear of the sport, why play a game that you obviously aren’t welcome playing? However, this has drastically changed in recent years but before that let’s look at a little history of the game of Golf.

From hitting a pebble around a natural course of sand dunes, in the 15th century, the game of golf has since evolved to how we know it today.

Women didn’t start playing until the 19th century and to date, the number of women who play golf is relatively low compared to that of men, however, the number is still growing and it is likely this number will grow faster if more women were aware of the numerous benefits that come with playing golf.

There are many benefits associated with playing golf that would especially endear the sport to women.

One round of golf involves walking 18 holes on a golf course, which translates roughly to a 5 mile walk, add in the use of a push cart and that is some serious exercise! Many women are always on the lookout for workouts that will help them reduce or maintain their weight and playing golf is an effortless and interesting solution to this.

No grueling weights or treadmill in the gym, just a walk on the golf course,  with your own thoughts or quality time shared with a friend, who wouldn’t want to enjoy that?

Golf also offers other cardiovascular benefits such as:

  • Aiding in blood circulation
  • Prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Strengthening of muscles and bones
  • Balancing of hormones
  • Sweating which flushes out toxins from the body and helps clear blemishes and pimples

Not only should these health benefits be considered but golf is a competitive sport and one of the best forums to build human-to-human connections and networks.

Women like to bond with others, hence golf provides an amazing space for those in business and careers to network and share ideas with the many different people they get to play with during different rounds of golf.

Clubs also organize, from time to time, specific competitions that are exclusively for women. This is where teams of three or four women are drawn to play together and is usually an opportunity for networking and bonding. The women may be from similar or different walks of life, including areas of residence, careers, and age.

During a normal round which takes on average four hours for a team of players to complete the game, these women get to know each other, bond and network to a point sometimes of doing future business together or simply becoming friends off the course.

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These opportunities are unique to golf because it accords women golfers’ adequate time to discuss pertinent issues while at the same time enjoying their round. These discussions may also be extended to after the game, where contracts are exchanged and long lasting relationships built.

Another related aspect for those who love fashion is the explosion of color and glamor especially during the exclusive women golf competitions and other golf competitions that include women. Women golfers are known for the beauty, color and fashion they adorn both on the golf course and at the clubhouse after the game, you can even add a custom touch to your golfing attire with the best golf gloves offering a tailored option for many players.

Every competition is followed by a cocktail party where women dress and make up, socialize and make merry after “serving their time “on the golf course. It is during this time that winners are rewarded and revered for their great golfing performance during the day’s competition.  All participants get invited to the party, and this is considered the highlight of the day.

Most golf courses are so lush with beautiful landscaping and graced with different flowers and tree species. A round of golf walking through the beautiful open spaces as one tackles the different holes, not only relieves stress but also calms a troubled spirit.

It is known to provide – pure peace – especially if one works in a busy and demanding corporate job. Women face endless demands of work, family and everyday living, putting a lot of pressure on them. It is important to find a way to take a break and begin all over again.

What better way than to have fun while getting rid of the stress! Golf is really an agent of staying young at any age. Some women have compared hitting a golf ball to “dealing with a difficult boss or employee” and have gone on to say how therapeutic a round of golf was for them during troubled times. And what better way to relieve stress than by checking out the best golf balls for women.

Women’s golf is organized under the umbrella body of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). This is an American organization for female professional golfers, formed in 1950 and has grown from its roots as a playing tour into a nonprofit organization engaged in every facet of golf.

The LPGA maintains a strong focus on charity through tournaments, grassroots junior and women’s programs, and the LPGA Foundation.

Some of the notable LPGA women players include Michelle Wie, who started playing at the age of 4 years and has had 5 LPGA tour victories, since 2009. The other is Jenny Shin who started playing at the age of nine and has so far had one LPGA victory in 2016.

Indeed, Golf has come a long way in the 21st century. From being a man’s only game and women not being allowed in clubhouses, to women playing and winning the LPGA tours and receiving an equal measure of media and public attention as the men PGA winners.

This would not have been possible without the incredible effort by the women who took up golf as a sport in those early years and paved the way for those interested in the sport now. The best par tis that not only are women content with just playing the game but they also want to improve as much as possible. Many try to acheive this by taking pride in their equiptment, not only sourcing the best clubs for their games, including adding driving irons to their bag when this wasn’t always the case but also playing with a number of wedges as well. However, once these clubs are in the bag they also have to kept clean and you can check out guide on how to clean your golf clubs here.

How to choose the best golf clubs to buy can be a tough task however if we had to pick just one set of irons we would always go for Mizuno. We may be bias but they have been a leading manufacter of golf clubs for some time and while sports giants Nike and have entered and exited the golfing industry in that time Mizuno still remain at the top of the pile.

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