How to Clean Your Golf Clubs Properly

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All things considered, the purchase of golf clubs can be a somewhat expensive affair.

Because of this, it is important to consider clubs that can serve you for as long as possible, as well as to attempt to keep your clubs in as good a condition as possible.

This is because there are also factors that can affect your club’s performance in the long run including damage from use and more commonly, the collection of debris and dirt on the club head.

A rule of thumb is to make sure that you clean your golf set on a regular basis, particularly in the winter months. This will help optimize performance and ensure you can play your best golf each and every round.

While some may find delegating this work to someone else easier, however, this isn’t cost effective for everyone and for most of us who take pride in cleaning their golf clubs themselves it can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

The proper process of cleaning your golf clubs is not a complicated one and should only take a short time to carry out, roughly 15 – 20 minutes for a full set of clubs.

If you’ve played golf for some time you have come across golf cleaning kits online, or even at your local golf club but laid out below is a step by step guide on how to clean your clubs with materials readily available at home.

Step 1

The first step is to gather the relevant cleaning materials. Ideally, this should include two buckets, an old toothbrush, some dishwashing agent, a wet cloth and finally a towel.

Alternatively, if you are cleaning your clubs indoors you can use a sink rather than buckets if you desire.

An important point to note is that the dishwashing agent should be a mild formula so as to prevent corrosion of the club faces.

Old towels are also good as they come at no extra cost but you can also decide to purchase one specifically for cleaning your clubs if it is something you intend to carry out often.

Step 2

Put some of the dishwashing agent into the buckets and add some warm water. Bear in mind that water that is too hot may be detrimental to club ferrules and long-term quality of the club.

Now its time to begin. Set the buckets close to a tap with running water, using one of your golf clubs to test that the water doesn’t come up to the level of the ferrules before submerging the rest of them.

Let your woods, putters, hybrids, and driving irons sit out while your irons and wedges soak. Use one bucket for soaking.

Step 3

After about five minutes pick remove your clubs out one by one.

You can now dip your toothbrush into the soapy water and use it to scrub the grooves on your club faces. Make sure that all the debris and stains come off and if it proves difficult put the clubs right back into the water to soak some more.

Although they’re effective, wire bristles are likely to damage the grooves of your golf clubs which can impact your game negatively and hence you should stick with a nylon bristled brush. Make sure to scrub not only the club face but also the underside, sides, and back.

Step 4

Once you’re confident you have removed all dirt and debris using a running faucet to rinse the club face thoroughly. Take care that the water doesn’t splash on to the shaft and check one last time for signs of dirt on and in the grooves on the club face.

Step 5

Pick up the wet cloth and dip it into the second bucket of soapy water. Squeeze the water out while leaving some moisture on the cloth. Use it to wipe down the grip of the club. You should then be able to rinse the grip under running water. Again be careful not to splash some of that water on the shaft.

Step 6

Use the towel to dry off both the club head and the grip. Additionally, make sure that there is no moisture on the shaft by drying that area too. That should also help remove dust and dirt if any has found its way on there.

Step 7

Reset the club back in its bag and proceed to pick out another one.

Once you’ve completed this process one you can then carry it out for every club in your bag.

new golf clubs

Some may find it a relief that this is all you have to do in order to keep your clubs in tip-top condition. However, there are a number of other steps you can take to ensure your clubs stay in the best condition for as long as possible. Here are some of our favorites:

  • While out on the golf course carry a towel that you can use to wipe down your club with after taking a shot – All leading golf manufacturers now produce towels of differing sizes that can be attached to your golf bag with ease.
  • Inspect your clubs regularly – Like any piece of sports equipment, golf clubs will be subject to wear and tear and more so with exposure to adverse conditions. Inspecting your clubs regularly will bring damage to your attention and luckily some parts of your club are replaceable.
  • The best time to clean your clubs is straight after a round – This is because if you put the clubs back in storage, you are likely to forget about them until the next time you need them, by which time the mud is likely to have dried and will affect your ability to strike the ball cleanly when you next play.
  • Make sure that your storage space stays is dry to discourage rust
  • Keep your clubs away from corrosive chemicals that may be in your home
  • If you can, polish your clubs regularly with special emphasis on the woods and driver – These clubs chip easier which is also why they are better stored with head covers. Polishing also takes very little time and is worth the extra effort.

How to Polish Your Golf Clubs

If you’re also interested in polishing your golf clubs every time you clean them then you can follow our step by step process on how to do so. Although some golfers may worry this will make the procedure more time consuming, polishing will definitely allow you to keep your clubs in better condition, for longer.

Step 1 to polishing golf clubs
Use a dry cloth to apply metal polish to your clubs

Step 2
Let the clubs sit in a dry environment for a minute or two, allowing the polish to set in

Step 3
Use another cloth to rub down and wipe the polished clubs

Step 4
Place the clubs back in the bag and take them back to storage.

If you decide to take care of your clubs rest assured that they will be serving you for a long time to come and that the process will also have a number of benefits for improving your golf game!

What about your other golf equipment?

When it comes to your other golfing equipment there are a number of factors you should bear in mind. Cleaning golf balls are pretty straightforward and where possible you should look to clean your ball regularly while playing. Every time you reach the green you can mark your ball, clean it and replace it in exactly the same spot. If you did want to clean a batch of golf balls at one time, a sink full of water and some washing up liquid is the perfect solution.

Golf gloves are another piece of equipment that can, unfortunately, become dirty when you play. You should wash your golf glove with care as you don’t want to shrink it in any way. Although gloves are meant to fit snuggly, you don’t want them to be uncomfortably small.

Push carts are also another piece of equipment you may like to keep clean and you should be easily able to wash down your golf push cart after each round depending on the time of year you play and how dirty the cart has got.

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