The Best Japanese Golf Clubs On The Market in 2020

japanese golf clubs

Japan has a reputation for making some of the world’s highest quality products. Whilst your mind may have just jumped straight to cars or technology, those with a detailed knowledge of golf will also know that the Japanese make some of the world’s best golf clubs!

No matter your handicap, there’s a Japanese golf club out there for you. And, not only are they well made, they’re also beautifully designed and are guaranteed to make you the most envied player on the fairway! 

We’re going to persuade you Japanese clubs are the way to go. We’re going to look at why the craftsmanship is so special, the leading players who use them and crucially, the best Japanese golf clubs on the market in 2021. 

Let’s tee off!

Who Are The Leading Japanese Golf Club Brands?

There’s a good chance that both the golf newbie and fanatic will have heard of the traditional Japanese brand, Miura. The range of irons and putters are still hand-forged by the family who founded them back in the 1950’s, with them renowned for their high-quality and authentically forged feel in the hand. 

Who uses Miura? The biggest current name is Abraham Ancer, a tour event winner from Mexico. Although, it has always been rumoured that Tiger Woods uses Miura clubs (with custom Nike branding) for a number of years.

Similarly, Honma are also a brand that golf fans may have come across when on the green. The brand is arguably the biggest Japanese manufacturer on the market, with a full range of divers, woods, irons and putters to stock up your golf bag with! They pride themselves on being very close to the game, constantly investing in professional and amateur market research to ensure their products are the very best then can be!

Who uses Honma? Major winner Justin Rose has been the brand ambassador for Honma since 2019. 

Lastly, Mizuno are a well known name across the globe as they expand not only their golf range, but their general sports and activewear range too! They have stayed close to their forging routes, with their patented Grain Flow Forging process respected for its quality and accuracy across the globe. 

Who uses Mizuno? Tour players such as Luke Donald, Keith Mitchell and Adrien Saddier all use Mizuno clubs with leading female golfer Erike Hara also on their books. 

The Best Japanese Golf Clubs

Now that you know why Japanese golf clubs are so sought after and the top brands on the market, it’s time to get down to the real business. We’re going to look at the top Japanese golf clubs from each category; drivers, irons, wedges and putters!

The Best Japanese Golf Clubs – Drivers

Budget Option – Mizuno ST200X Driver

If you’re in the market for a new driver at the budget end of the Japanese golf club range, we’d recommend the Mizuno ST200X. 

Utilised by Mizuno’s tour players across the world, the club is ultra-lightweight and features Mizuno’s new multi-thickness Beta Rich Forged Titanium face. The ST200X has its own unique head shape, delivering performance which encourages a distance-enhancing, high draw flight.

Key Specs:

Model – 10.5
Loft Range – 8.5-12.5°
Lie Range – 59.0-62.0°
Length – 45.74”
Hand – Right

Premium Option – Honma Beres 07 4-Star

Honma’s Beres range is not only some of the best Japanese clubs in the world, but some of the best full stop! If you’re looking for perfection in both your game and in design, the 07 4 Star range has both bases covered. 

The club itself is designed by the most experienced craftsman team, Takumi, and includes premium engineering in both face and shaft design. There’s a range of different configurations available to suit the intricacies of each golfer’s game with the 24K gold accents a classy additional touch to make you the envy of the clubhouse. 

Key Specs:

Loft Options – 9.5°/10.5°/11.5°
Lie Angle – 60°
Length –  45.75″
Shaft: Honma Beres ARMRQ 47 4 Star graphite

The Best Japanese Irons

Budget Option – Yamaha RMX 220 Irons – 8 Set

You’ll likely associate the Yahama brand with their high speed motorcycle range but they also have a golf range with an equally high level of quality and performance. 

This iron set includes irons 5-9 alongside a pitch, sand and approach wedge, perfect for every shot along the fairway. Precision forging craftsmanship means the weight is always near the toe of the club, allowing for guaranteed performance in every swing! 

Key Specs:

Loft (°)2326293338434956
Lie (°)61.561.756262.2562.562.7562.7463

Premium Option – Miura TC-201 Irons – 8 Set

We’ve already spoken about the premium, hand-forged quality of Miura and the TC-201 iron set is no different. If you’re looking for some of the best irons in the world which match modern performance and traditional design, then these are for you! 

Their low centre of gravity allows you to easily achieve fantastic apex height whilst not compromising on the muscle power you’d expect in a premium iron. The proof is in the pudding with these irons, with the vast majority of Miura’s pro tour players now closing the TC-201 range as their go to irons. 

Key Specs:

Loft (°)2123262933374146
Lie (°)60.56161.56262.56363.564
Weight (g)245251258265272280288298

The Best Japanese Wedges

Budget Option – Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Wedge

As we all know with wedges, there’s a whole host of different options you can go for to ensure you have the perfect tool for every shot! Mizuno’s JPX 921 range is the perfect choice for versatility and performance in this price range. 

All the wedges are designed specifically for a full swing, high precision technique, with features such as additional Face Milling Lines designed to increase the spin a player can generate with each stroke! Available in GW/LW/SW options, you really do have the opportunity to mix and match clubs for the perfect chip every time. 

Key Specs:

Loft (°)495459
Lie (°)636363
Length (“)35.2535.2535.23

Premium Option – Miura Tour Wedge Chrome

Again when it comes to a truly premium option, it’s hard for us to recommend anything other than Miura. Their Chrome wedge range really does offer the highest spec on the market alongside some exceptional flexibility. 

Unlike the Mizuno offering, Miura’s wedge range isn’t categorised and instead offers the golfer the choice of loft angles to suit their game. Precision milling allows the player to perfectly control back and side spin, with the premium (S25C) soft carbon steel construction giving a solid and consistent strike on the ball! 

Key Specs:

Club Model48505254565860
Loft Angle (°)48505254565860
Lie Angle (°)6363636363.563.563.5
Bounce (°)771010121010
Weight (g)296296298300300304304

The Best Japanese Putters

Budget Option – XXIO 11 Half Mallet Putter

Whilst XXIO are a brand we haven’t come across yet in this roundup, they are another fantastic Japanese golf brand who put high quality at the front of everything they do! 

The craftsmanship combines forged 303 soft stainless steel with tungsten weights in the toe and heel for some of the best results you can get on the green. With version available for both left and right handed players and a variety of different length options, there’s an 11 Half Mallet out there for every putting style. 

Key Specs:

Lie Angle 70°
Length 34″
Putter Type Mallet
Head Weight 350g

Premium Option – Majesty Putter

The last club in this roundup is the premium Putter from Majesty Golf. Everything about this putter is designed to give you the most perfect and pure connection a golfer can get when lining up on the green! 

Whether it’s the rounded head shape to reduce the effects of ground slope, or the weight balance to offer stabilisation, you know that the Majesty Putter will give you the optimal chance of success. It also looks great with a classy black finish alongside both mallet and ping variations! 

Key Specs: 

Lie Angle 71°
Loft Angle 4°
Length 34″
Putter Type Mallet/Ping

Head Weight 371g

Why are Japanese Golf Clubs so Expensive?

Firstly, some context. In Japan, golf is seen as a sport reserved for the elite only. Whilst it could be argued this is the same, to a smaller extent, across the globe, countries like the US and UK offer fairly affordable ways for people to get a round in! 

The reason that Japanese golf clubs are so expensive is largely because they cater to that wealthy market who just love a bit of luxury. Built with mastery in mind, supreme Japanese craftsmanship goes into every club, often utilising hand-made forging techniques to ensure perfection every time!

Specifically, Japanese clubs are renowned for the quality of both their shaft and face, opting for materials that provide an equally good level of performance and durability. It’s a mix between art and science the Japanese get spot on when creating their clubs.

As we expect from Japanese manufacturing, the quality of each product is also very precise. Expect to get a far greater level of control with your loft/lie ratios alongside a more specific head shape and weight to ensure the cleanest contact from every swing!

In short, you pay for what you get – Japanese clubs are so expensive because they guarantee such premium quality.


There we have it, our look at the best Japanese Golf Clubs on the market! If you’re new to Japanese clubs, we hope we’ve managed to convince you that with their supreme quality and design, you should be looking to get one into your club bag as soon as possible!

And whether it’s a driver from Mizuno, some irons from Miura or a premium putter from Majesty, whichever clubs you choose will not only have you looking great, but playing great as well!

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