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The golf push cart has created quite the buzz over the last few years.

Junior golfers, amateur golfers and senior golfers around the world have all become avid push cart users.

Many of the best push carts currently on the market are now made of lightweight materials and they are very easy to push around the course for 18 holes. Not only has their ease of use been a selling point but push carts have also become quite the fashion statement in recent years and there is currently more choice for golfers than ever before.

In addition to being easy to use push carts also have a wide range of accessories that allow players to customize their push carts to their liking, some carts even have a built-in chair that the golfer can sit on if they need to take a breather during the round.

The push cart is definitely here to stay for many years to come.

A Quick History of the Golf Push Cart

The first golf pull cart, otherwise known as a golf trolley, has been around since the mid-1900’s. Over the last decade or so the trolley has undergone a dramatic remodel and from that remodel the push cart as we know it today was born. Before this evolution, the only push carts that existed were battery operated push carts that were mainly used by older golfers.

These electric push carts were big, bulky, very heavy and complicated to manage around the course. In the modern game push carts can be seen on golf courses all around the world being used by both old and young golfers of all levels.

Benefits of Using a Push Cart

Initially trolleys and pull carts served as an alternative to either carrying your bag or using a caddie. Buying a push cart is quite a big initial investment, but over the course of time, it is much cheaper than paying for a caddie or a cart. Over the last couple of decades, golf carts have become the norm at a lot of golf courses around the world. But for players that still enjoy the physical benefit of walking 18 holes the push cart has become a very handy accessory.

Pushing a push cart is a lot easier than pulling a trolley and the added benefit of having a push cart with a cup holder and umbrella holder makes your round just that little bit more enjoyable. The most important benefit of a push cart though is the physical benefit, carrying a bag or even pulling a trolley can be physically taxing and could even lead to injury. Pushing a cart allows the golfer to walk in a natural position at all times without putting strain or loading any part of your body with a heavy load,especially when you’re carrying a full set of clubs.

One of the other major benefits of a push cart is obviously keeping your clubs nice and clean. May shielding them away from adverse weather conditions you protect them from becoming too dirty throughout a round. This is particularly important if you have recently treated yourself to a new set of clubs, such as the best Mizuno irons and want to protect them at all costs.

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5 of the Best Push Carts Currently on the Market

With so many choices available it can be a difficult choice when having to buy a push cart. Let’s review 5 of the best push carts to help you, the reader, make that decision a little bit easier.

Bag Boy Tri Swivel II

The Bag Boy TriSwivell II is a top of the range push cart packed with all the latest technology. The TriSwivell II is lightweight (17 lbs), it folds up in 3 easy steps and it has a strong durable weather resistant aluminum frame.

The TriSwivell II gets its name from the swiveling front wheel that ensures ultimate maneuverability. Don’t be worried about a swiveling wheel when you are trying to push your bag up a steep hill, it has an easy lock system that can be activated at any point.

In addition to ample storage and a cup holder, other accessories are also available for purchase to customize your TriSwivell II. The TriSwivell II ticks all the push cart must have boxes, give this push cart a try it might completely change your view about all the push cart users out there.

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel

The CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3-wheel push cart is a state of the art push cart that will make pushing your golf bag around the golf course a pleasure.

The EZ-Fold is packed with all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a push cart in 2018. It is lightweight, durable and it features a sleek design. The EZ Fold is available in different color options thus the fashion-conscious golfer will be able to find a model that fits their style.

The EZ-Fold has a couple of design features that help it stand out from its competitors. One of these features is the patented one-click folding system. The second unique feature that can be found on the EZ-Fold is the built-in cooler in the storage basket. The EZ-Fold will be a great investment for any golfer that is looking to either upgrade their current push cart or for the golfer that is looking to purchase their first push cart.

Big Max Golf Blade Quattro 4 Wheel Trolley

Majority of the high-end push carts that are available have 3 wheels, but the Big Max Blade Quattro features a 4 wheel design instead. The use of 4 wheels gives added stability to the push cart, especially on hilly undulating golf courses.

The Blade Quattro folds up flat and it is very easy to store either in your car or in your garage at home. Don’t let that added wheel fool you, the Blade Quattro is extremely lightweight and it is has a durable design.

When it comes to accessories and attachments the Blade Quattro has it all, from a smartphone holder to an umbrella holder and everything in between. Currently, there is an abundance of high-quality push carts to choose from, the Blade Quattro is one of the leaders of the pack and it definitely deserves a test drive out on the course.

Clicgear Model 3.5+

Clicgear was one of the pioneers of the push cart movement, over the last decade they have made some of the best push carts. Clicgear’s 3.5+ has been one of their most popular models and they can be found on golf course around the world.

The 3.5+ features a sleek design, it is a very durable push cart that is constructed out of big strong robust parts but at the same time is remains lightweight and dynamic. The 3.5+ is also available in a wide variety of colors allowing its users to pick an option that matches their personal style. And last but not least it is easy to fold up and down.

Clicgear are the kings of push cart accessories and there is nothing that can’t be added to your push cart. Clicgear is a trusted name in the push cart space and with any of their models, one can always be assured that you are buying an investment into your golf game.

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe push cart might not look like it has much to it, but it is a high-quality push cart that will last round after round and for many seasons beyond that.

The SuperLite Deluxe has a simple but yet effective design, it is made from strong durable material and it is extremely light in weight. The only drawback that the SuperLite Deluxe has is that it doesn’t fold up into a small compact unit in comparison to other push carts.

In the accessory department, the SuperLite Deluxe doesn’t offer as much storage space as other push carts do, but all the necessary add-ons can be installed to customize your cart as needed. The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe is a simple yet effective push cart that will make life easier for any golfer.

Golf Push Cart FAQ’s

Why don’t professionals use push carts?

Professional players on major tours like the PGA or LPGA tour are required to have a caddie that carries the bag, but professional players on mini-tours are allowed to play without a caddie and a lot of those players opt to use a push cart. Push carts are also very popular at elite amateur and collegiate events.

Are push carts allowed on all courses?

Some golf courses only allow carts, these courses are normally either very undulating or they have long walks between greens and the following tee. Besides those exceptions majority of courses allow players to use a push cart.

What is the difference between a push cart and a trolley?

A push cart has either 3 or 4 wheels and it gets pushed forward by the golfer, a trolley normally has two wheels and it gets moved by pulling it behind the golfer. Push cart designs are also much more advanced in comparison to the design of a regular trolley.

What are important factors to consider when buying a push cart?

If you are in the market for a push cart it is important to invest in a push cart that fulfills your needs. First of all, durability is very important, it is also important to find a push cart that folds up and down easily. It might seem obvious but a cart that folds up with ease and that is compact makes traveling around with it between your home and the golf course much easier. Many new push carts are packed with accessories and add-ons, make sure to get a push cart that is tailor-made to your personal needs.

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