Complete Guide to Finding the Best Golf Glove to Improve Your Game

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History and overview of the golf glove

Golfers around the world are renowned for wearing a glove, it isn’t the same for everyone but majority of players wear a single glove on their non-dominant hand.

Gloves were first worn in the 1890’s according to research conducted by leading glove manufacturer FootJoy. Gloves didn’t make an appearance onto the professional tours until the 1930’s, Sam Snead was the first major star that sported a glove. In the initial days gloves were mostly backless and fingerless, only in the 1950’s and 1960’s were full gloves used.

During this time legends of the game Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer used them and since then the full glove has become the norm as worn by majority of golfers. But earlier legends of the game such as Ben Hogan never wore a glove throughout his career that stretched into the 1950’s. In the current day and age, one will very rarely see a professional player without a glove, on rare occasions some players even choose to wear a glove on both hands. Phil Mickelson wears two rain gloves when he plays in wet rainy weather.

Why do golfers wear a glove?

We can only speculate about why golfers decided to start using a golf glove but judging on what we know now about the equipment that was used in the early 90’s the purpose of the glove was definitely to have better control over the club.

The grips on old hickory clubs are very slippery and one can only imagine how difficult it must have been to hold onto one of those clubs on a rainy day. For golfers that struggled with sweaty hands, hickory clubs and their slippery grips must have created quite a nightmare for those players. It is probably safe to say that the first golf glove that was designed was created by a golfer that struggled with slippery sweaty hands.

Thi is hardly suprising when you think about it, although golfers today are blessed with equipment manfuacted from the latest technology that hasn’t even been the case. Take the best golf push carts for example, even they now come with umbrella holders built in to prevent you from getting soaked on your way round the course on a rainy day.

Why is it important to wear a glove?

Golf is a very difficult game to grasp for both beginners and for seasoned players, and as golfers we need all the help that we can get. Wearing a good comfortable glove is definitely needed to make your life as easy as possible out on the course.

A good comfortable glove will ensure that you are able to grip the golf club in a comfortable manner that gives you control over the club without holding onto the golf club too tight. This is an important feature of a golf glove, in order to have a free moving swing it is important to grip onto the golf club without any tension in your hands. Golf gloves are also very important for golfers that have sweaty hands. Any moisture between a player’s hand and the grip of the club will increase the possibility of the club slipping that can lead to very errand shots.

Rain specific gloves are a great attribute to have in the bag if you are playing in wet rainy conditions. If you are serious about golf and about improving your game then it is of utmost importance to invest in a good high-quality golf glove.

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Materials often used to make golf gloves

Leather (Cabretta)
Majority of premium golf gloves are made out of leather. In particular, Cabretta leather is used, Cabretta leather stays soft and pliable even after numerous uses. Leather gloves stretch out a little, thus it is recommended to always buy the smaller size if you are in between sizes.
Synthetic leather
Synthetic leather gloves are durable, flexible and offer good value for money. They aren’t as comfortable or as breathable as a leather glove but they are a great alternative if you don’t want to spend money on a premium glove.

Golf glove FAQs

Why do right handed players wear a glove on their left hand?
Golfers in general wear their glove on their non-dominant hand, for a right handed player their left hand will be their non-dominant hand. The non-dominant hand grips the golf club at the top end of the club and it is also the hand that comes in contact with the largest surface area of the grip. Essentially the golf club is controlled by a player’s non-dominant hand.

How tight should a golf glove fit?
In order to ensure optimal feel and comfort a golf glove needs to fit properly. It needs to resemble a second layer of skin on your hand, but it shouldn’t be too tight to the point of being uncomfortable. A good way to test the fit of a golf glove is to put the glove on, open your hand up and stretch out your fingers with the palm of your hand facing up. If you are able to pinch a piece of the glove together in the palm area with your other hand then the fit is too loose. If the Velcro in the front doesn’t close properly, or if it feels uncomfortably tight then the glove is too small.

Do men and women wear the same gloves?
Yes both men and women wear the same type of gloves, the only difference is the sizing. Ladies sizes are smaller than men’s sizes. A ladies’ large is almost the same size as a men’s small gloves. Ladies gloves also tend to feature more colorful and exotic design patterns. In this instance it is similar to golf balls, although they vary very little you can still purchase golf balls designed specifcally for women.

What type of glove is most suited towards players with naturally sweaty hands?
Leather gloves will be best if your hands are sweaty, leather gloves are very breathable in comparison to synthetic gloves.

What is the difference between normal gloves and rain gloves?
Rain gloves are made out of a non-absorbent woven synthetic material, rain gloves are designed to get wet and to create a feeling of your hands becoming one with both your hands and the grip. Normal leather and synthetic gloves aren’t designed to get wet and will become very slippery in wet conditions.

What factors should you consider when buying a glove?
First of all it is very important to find a glove that fits well and that feels comfortable. Durability of the glove is also an important factor to keep in mind, and last but not least always buy a well-known branded glove to ensure that you get value for your money.

5 of the best golf gloves on the market

Buying a new glove can be seen as an investment into you golf game, thus it is important to spend your money on a worthy product. Below we will review some of the best golf gloves that are currently available on the market. You can’t go wrong if you decide to add one of these gloves to your bag.

Ping Tour Glove

The Ping Tour glove is a premium leather glove designed by Ping. The Ping Tour glove is made out of Solite premium Cabretta leather, Ping also added their Micro-Pur technology to enhance the feel and softness of the glove. The fingers on the Ping Tour glove are pre-curved to enhance the natural fit and feel for users. A perforated leather Velcro closing tab is used to maximize the ventilation that is offered by the Ping Tour glove. The wristband on the inside of the glove features moisture-wicking Sensor Cool technology to ensure a cool feeling on your wrist and arm if you are wearing the glove in hot and humid conditions.

The Ping Tour glove is packed with all the technology and advances that one would expect from a premium Cabretta leather glove. The design focuses on providing great feel and touch, an important aspect to any golfer. Leather gloves are more breathable than synthetic gloves and the technology used in the Ping Tour gloves is definitely aimed at producing a glove that offers great breathability and a cooling effect to the player. If you are in the market for a industry leading premium leather glove then you can’t go wrong with the Ping Tour glove.

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

The Pure Touch Limited can almost be seen as a limited-edition sports car that is only available in a small quantity. Due to the strict manufacturing process and the use of a premium exclusive leather the Pure Touch limited will only be available in select stores and at select quantities. Exclusive select Cabretta leather is used for the Pure Touch Limited, this leather is extremely soft and has an exceptional supple feel to it. A targeted elastic is placed within the glove to ensure a precision fit.

FootJoy are renowned for making high quality gloves and once again they were able to achieve this when they released the Pure Touch Limited. The Pure Touch will offer great feel and forgiveness, it will almost be like you aren’t wearing a glove at all. If you can get your hands on this glove it will definitely be worth your while to stock up on a few of these premium, limited gloves.

Titleist Perma Soft

The Titleist Perma-Soft glove is a premium leather glove designed by Titleist. The Perma-Soft is made out of soft high quality Cabretta leather. The Perma-Soft is designed with a premium fit design to ensure a quality fit that makes the connection with the club feel seamless. In order to enhance feel and comfort the seams on the Perma-Soft are precisely placed in positions where the golfer won’t even know that they exist. Satin reinforcement is placed in the cuff and thumb area of the glove to ensure that the Perma-Soft has supreme strength and durability.

Titleist has been a leading golf equipment manufacturer for decades, any product that carries the Titleist name is synonymous with quality and performance. The Perma-Soft glove definitely lives up to the standards set by the Titleist name. The Perma-Soft is made out soft Cabretta leather for soft feel and quality, it also has other design features that maintains this greet feel. In addition, the Perma-Soft also focuses on strength and durability. This glove is a package deal that won’t dissapoint if you are in the market for a premium leather glove. In addition, the Perma-Soft is available in both men’s and women’s sizing options.

Bionic Gloves

Bionic are renowned for making gloves. All the other gloves that are featured in this article are made by golf manufacturing companies, which is standard practice, but bionic do things a little bit differently. Bionic isn’t a golf equipment manufacturer, they are a glove manufacturer. Bionic designs and produces different kinds of gloves from golf gloves to gardening gloves to tactical military gloves. Bionic uses patented pad technology for enhanced comfort and for a better grip. Bionic gloves also have mini terrycloth towels inside the glove that controls moisture to ensure that your hands stay cool and dry even on the warmest of days.

Comfort and stability are both very important factors for golfers when they purchase a glove. Bionics Stable Grip glove is designed with the purpose to enhance your grip to give you maximum control over the golf club. The Stable Grip glove has strategically positioned finger pads to enhance your natural grip and to provide extreme comfort. The Stable Grip is made out of Cabretta leather to ensure premium quality and a soft feel. The Stable Grip is also very breathable and cooling through the use of Bionics’ terrycloth towels inside of their gloves. If you are looking for a golf glove that deviates from standard golf gloves then you should definitely look at buying a Bionic glove. Bionic Gloves are also great for people that struggle with arthritis, they have gloves that are specifically designed with the help of orthopedic surgeons for golfers that suffer from arthritis.

Nike Dura Feel VIII

The Dura Feel VIII is a hybrid (Synthetic and leather) glove designed and produced by Nike. Nike may have left the golf equipment industry but they are still designing high quality golf gloves. The goat leather featured in the palm and thumb ensures a secure grip and comfortable fit in the palm of the hand, and the synthetic upper ensures durability. The lightweight synthetic material that is used on the backside of the hand and fingers offers optimal flexibility to the golfer with every swing. The adjustable ergonomic tab on the Dura Feel VIII ensures that golfers are able to adjust their gloves for the ultimate fit.

The Dura Feel VIII is a great glove for golfers that are looking for the durability of a synthetic glove without having to sacrifice the feel of a premium Cabretta leather glove. Give the Dura Feel VIII a try before you completely eliminate a hybrid synthetic glove from your option list.

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