Womens Golf Balls: How Are They Different and How can you Find the Best one for You?

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Many amateur golfers play with any used golf ball that they can get their hands on. Preferably golfers should play with a golf ball that is designed to fit their swings and needs. There are golf balls on the market that cater for both the professional and amateur golfer, there are also golf balls that are designed specifically for women. Women’s golf balls are designed to fit the swing speeds of female players, in general female golfers swing the club slower than men in general and thus there is a gap in the market for female golf balls. But don’t for a second think that women’s golf balls are much different to men’s golf balls, the women’s golf balls are just designed to suit players with slower swing speeds.

Popular Women’s Golf Balls

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Who decided to design a women’s golf ball and what is the science behind the design?

There are a number of different golf ball manufacturers that saw a gap in the market to produce a golf ball that is designed specifically with the female golfer in mind. Brands like Precept were one of the first to market a golf ball that is specifically made for female golfers. Since then many other companies have followed suit and currently there are numerous different women’s golf balls to choose from on the market. One might think that there is some crazy science behind women’s golf balls, but unfortunately there isn’t.

The science behind a women’s golf ball is directly correlated to swing speed, women swing it slower than men thus women need a golf ball that is engineered for players with a slow swing speed.

There is a big percentage of female players that can swing the club faster than most men, and most of those women play with regular traditional golf balls that are suited for their swing speeds. Senior men’s players that struggle to generate high swing speeds will benefit greatly by playing with a women’s golf ball.

What is the difference between a men’s/traditional and womens golf ball?

The difference between a men’s/traditional golf ball and a womens golf ball lies within the construction of the golf ball. Golf balls with a two piece construction are ideal for players with slower swing speeds. Two piece golf balls have a large cover in comparison to three piece premium golf balls. The big core in a two piece golf ball promotes distance which is what most players with slow swing speeds are seeking.

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How to choose a golf ball that is suited to your game?

Step 1: Choose a golf ball that suits your needs, if you are looking for added distance in your game then a harder distance golf ball will be best. For players that seek control and forgiveness around the greens a softer three piece golf ball will be best. If you’re a high handicapper, choosing the right wedges can also improve your short game.

Step 2: Choose a golf ball that matches your swing speed. For players with a swing speed under 90 mph a two piece golf ball will be best. Players with a swing speed between 90 and a 100 mph should opt for a multilayered ball. Last but not least players with swing speeds above 100 mph will get the best performance out of a premium golf ball. One easy way to increase your swing speed is to invest in a high quality golf glove, unsurpirsingly the superiour grip can help you generate greater force.

Step 3: Pick a golf ball that will enhance feel and forgiveness according to your swing speed. Players with slower swing speeds mostly opt for golf balls with a surlyn cover. If you swing speed is above 90 mph then a balata covering will be best. Players with swing speeds above 100 mph will be best off with a premium golf ball with an elastomer covering.

Step 4: Choose golf balls that match your swing speed and take them out onto the course to find the golf ball that works best. Playing a round, or even just 9 holes with a ball will be a good indicator if the ball is suited for your game.

Finding a golf ball that is suited for your game will really make a big difference, it might seem like a lot of effort to find the perfect match, but if you are serious about improving your golf game then it will be worth it. Let’s review a few of the best women’s golf balls currently on the market to help with making the decision a little bit easier.

5 of the Best Women’s Golf Balls

TaylorMade Lady Burner

The Lady Burner golf ball is a two piece golf ball with a low compression composition. The Lady Burner golf ball is designed with the women’s golfer in mind, it offers great feel without compromising on durability and distance. TaylorMade went the extra mile by adding metallic flakes to the cover, and a lavender number stamp for added style. The TaylorMade Lady Burner is the perfect golf ball for women with slow swing speeds that are looking for a golf ball to improve their games. And as an added bonus the Lady Burner will make for a very stylish gift for mothers day.

2015 Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept

The lady Precept golf ball is the original female golf ball that pioneered the design of women’s golf balls. Precept golf balls are now known as Bridgestone golf balls, the lady precept golf ball has stood the test of time and it is still one of the best golf balls for female players on the market. Bridgestone golf did over 15 000 fittings with female golfers to engineer the perfect women’s golf ball. The Lady Precept is designed to produce higher launch and lower spin off the driver to deliver maximum distance. The Lady Precept also offers exceptionally soft feel, users of the Lady Precept experience the best of both worlds when using the Lady Precept. Give the best women’s golf ball in the game a try, it might just revolutionise your golf game.

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Srixon has become one of the world’s leading golf ball manufacturers in recent years. Players around the world are putting their trust into Srixon golf balls. Srixon’s Soft Feel Lady golf ball is one of the best women’s golf balls currently available on the market. The Soft Feel Lady golf ball has a low compression core and it delivers incredible distance and accuracy without sacrificing on feel. The core of the Srixon Soft Feel Lady has an advanced core construction that promotes seamless energy transfer to maximize distance and ball performance. Srixon is a tried and trusted golf ball manufacturer, adding a sleeve of Srixon golf balls to your bag will definitely be a great investment.

Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity

The Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity golf ball is a high quality golf ball engineered specifically for female golfers. The Ladies Tour Velocity features a soft cover with low compression, low compression golf ball are ideal for female golfers with slower swing speeds. The Ladies Tour Velocity has a high energy core that is paired with a unique dimple pattern to enhance trajectory and distance. The Ladies Tour Velocity features all of the characteristics that female players seek in a womens golf ball. If you are looking for a golf ball that fits the female player like a glove look no further than the Ladies Tour Velocity from Wilson.

Callaway Super Soft

The Callaway Super Soft isn’t a golf ball designed primarily for women, but it is a great golf ball that will greatly benefit female golfers. The Super Soft is packed with all the latest technology that one would expect from a premium two piece golf ball and the results speak for themselves. The Super Soft features a new and improved core that delivers high ball speeds and low spin rates when hit with a driver, the perfect combination for finding fairways. The Supe Soft features a new Tri-onomer cover formulation that doesn’t only feel fantastic but that also delivers spin and control on pitch shots around the greens. The Super Soft is known for its softness and great feel, softer golf balls compress easier on off centre hits, this ensures consistency even on your bad shots. The Super Soft has everything that one would expect from a premium two piece golf ball, give the Super Soft a chance, it could be a game changer.

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