Best Driving Irons in 2020 to Lower Your Handicap

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2020 Driving Iron Reviews [TL;DR]:

  • Best driving iron for high handicappers: Callaway Golf X Forged Ultility Iron – The Callaway X driving iron perfectly combines control and performance to deliever the most forgiving long iron ever designed.
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  • Best driving iron for mid handicappers: TaylorMade P790 – Slightly less forgiving than the Callaway X, the TaylorMade P790 is perfect for mid to low handicappers looking to take their long game to the next level and shoot ever lower scores.

If you are one of those players that prefers the long iron look but that wants the performance of a hybrid then a driving iron is the perfect club for you.

Driving irons were actually introduced into the market before hybrids, when hybrids hit the market driving irons took a back seat, but in recent years the driving iron has been revitalized.

The rebirth of the driving iron has been driven by the technology that manufacturers use in hybrids.

With the help of hybrid technology driving irons now offer the best of both hybrids and long irons combined into one club. Adjustable weighting, along with many other technological factors ensure that the modern driving iron is a must have in the bag of any golfer.

What is a driving iron?

Driving irons, sometimes known as utility irons, can be described as a combination between a long iron (3 or 4 iron) and a hybrid.

Long irons are historically known for being difficult to get airborne, high handicappers especially struggle to hit consistent shots with 3 or 4 irons, in many ways this is a similar struggle those new to the game have with their short game including the use of wedges.

Hybrids are designed to get the golf ball into the air, hybrids also move through the rough with ease and as a result slow swinging players benefit greatly from the use of a hybrid club. Hybrids have changed the games of many golfers, especially slower swinging female and senior players, but there are still many golfers that prefer the look of a long iron.

Best Driving Iron Reviews

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Taylormade P790 UDI Driving Iron

TaylorMade are renowned for making some high performing golf clubs. Normally their drivers and fairway woods steal the show, but their P790 UDI is one of the best driving irons currently available on the market.

The P790 UDI is packed with all the latest technology that makes it easy to hit and the results speak for themselves. The P790UDI features TaylorMade’s new SpeedFoam technology that delivers maximum distance.

TaylorMade used the feedback from tour professionals to create a driving iron that has a sleek clean look at address. The P790 UDI features everything and more than what one can look for in a driving iron.

The TaylorMade P790 UDI will be the perfect driving iron for players that prefer the look of a long iron over the look of a hybrid. The P790 UDI is available as a 2 iron and will be the perfect fit in the bag along with your fairway woods.

Callaway X Forged UT Iron – Perfect for High Handicappers

Callaway has always been a leading club manufacturer, but over the last few years they have raised the bar to new heights.

The Callaway X forged UT irons are currently some of the best driving irons available on the market. The X forged UT irons feature a clean sleek look that resembles the profile of a standard long iron.

The X forged UT might look like a long iron, but they feel and perform more like a hybrid. The X forged UT irons features Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology, this technology produces high ball speeds and greater efficiency on off center hits.

The X forged UT irons feature a tungsten infused insert that increases MOI, the result is a forgiving club that feels more like a hybrid and less like a hard to hit long iron.

The Callaway X forged UT is the perfect utility iron to replace your current long irons. The X forged UT irons are available in a variety of different loft options to ensure that the distance gaps in your bags gap out perfectly. The addition of one of these driving irons to your bag will without a doubt be a great investment.

KING Utility Black Iron

The KING utility black iron is one of the most technologically advanced driving irons currently available on the market.

The KING utility features a streamline design with a black finish, but it does have some design characteristics that would remind one of a hybrid. The KING utility features Cobra’s MyFly technology, this technology allows the player to adjust the loft on the club to 8 different settings.

The KING utility has a hollow body with a thin face that promotes higher ball speeds and higher launch angles. A high density Tungsten weight is positioned in the toe of the clubhead, this weight increases the MOI for added forgiveness and it also lowers and centers the center of gravity to ensure precision.

The KING utility features a wide sole that is a hybrid like characteristic, but it has a sleek profile at address that look more like a traditional long iron. The KING utility also features the COBRA Connect system, with the assistance of ARCCOS it allows players to track shot data for every shot that they would hit with their new utility iron. The KING utility is jammed packed with all the latest technology and it will be a great addition to the bag of any golfer regardless of their skill level.

PING G Crossover Utility Iron

PING are renowned for making high quality exceptionally designed golf clubs. PING are selective when it comes to the release of new clubs, but with the G utility club they created a new crossover category.

The G combines the best aspects of both a long iron and a hybrid. The design of the G combines the workability and precision of a long iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.

The G features a cascading internal sole, this innovative structure spreads stress out evenly across the entire clubhead, as a result the entire face, sole and top rail flexes during impact to maximize speed and distance. In order to obtain hybrid like forgiveness the center of gravity is positioned low and back in the clubface.

The G crossover is available in 3 different loft options. The PING G crossover is the perfect utility iron for players that are looking for a utility iron that has the look of a long iron but the feel of a hybrid.

Srixon Z U65 Utility Iron

Srixon doesn’t only design great golf balls, they also manufacturer industry leading golf clubs. The Srixon Z U65 utility features a sleek design that looks like a traditional long iron, but it is filled with technology similar to that of a hybrid. The Z U65 offers unsurpassed feel with distance to its players. The Srixon Z U65 features a high strength SUP10 face insert which produces high ball speeds that produces more distance.

The grooves on the Z U65 are double laser milled, this improves contact, and produces consistent spin, perfect for producing your top game when it matters most. The clubhead on the Z U65 features a hollow head, this allows weight to be repositioned low in the head, resulting in a higher initial launch. The Z U65 is available in a 2,3 and 4 iron, with different options to choose from the Z U65 will slip easily into any bag to fill the gap. The Z U65 is a great alternative if you seek the look of a long iron but the technology of a hybrid.

Titleist 716 T-MB Iron

Titleist is without a doubt one of the leading golf club manufacturers worldwide. Titleist are industry leaders in numerous product categories. The 716 T-MB irons by Titleist is another one of those industry leading designs.

The 716 T-MB irons will be a fan favourite among golfers that prefer the look of blade iron but that need extra assistance with getting the golf ball in the air. The 716 T-MB irons might look like a blade but they are easy to hit irons for golfers of all skill levels. The technology that is used by Titleist in the T-MB irons focus on producing speed, distance and forgiveness.

The center of gravity in the 716 T-MB irons is positioned low and deep in order to produce launch and lower spin rates which results in more distance, and was one of the best driving iron clubs we reviewed that produced this effect. The 716 T-MB irons also feature Tungsten weighting in the muscle back design of the irons that delivers optimal forgiveness. The 716 T-MB irons will make a great addition to the bag of any golfer, one can switch out your long irons for with the 716 T-MB irons, or take it one step further and play with a full set of 716 T-MB irons.

Other notable brands who produce good driving iron clubs for game improvement we are yet to review: Mizuno & Cobra. This guide will be updated in due course.

Benefits of having a driving iron in your golf bag

Having a driving iron in your golf bag can be beneficial for many different reasons. Driving irons are very good if you are looking for a reliable club to find the fairway with off the tee. It is also great to have a driving iron in the bag when playing in windy conditions. Driving irons are designed to produce shots with a penetrating ball flight which is perfect when playing in the wind. Driving irons have bigger profiles and thus they are much easier to hit especially when a good shot is required coming down the stretch.

When to use one

Driving irons offer the best of both worlds. With a driving iron in hand players are able to hit low stingers on a windy day, but if the golf course demands a high soft landing iron shot then one can also pull that off with ease with a driving iron.

Are driving irons designed with better players in mind?

In the past the myth has been that driving irons are only designed for highly skilled amateurs and professional players, but that statement is very far from the truth. Some of the leading driving irons currently available on the market are packed with all of the latest technology to ensure that they are easy to hit regardless of your skill level. Amateur golfers tend to take out their 3 and 4 iron and replace them with two hybrids, but instead of two hybrids it will be of greater benefit to add a driving iron along with a hybrid to the bag instead. The option of having a driving iron allows golfers to have a bigger repertoire of shots in the bag.

Features to look for – just how forgiving are utility irons?

If you are on the lookout for a new driving iron then make sure to keep the following in mind. Currently there are a lot of options available to choose from but it is important to make the choice that is best for your golf game. In order to get access to the best technology try out driving irons from the leading manufacturers in golf. If you are someone that prefers the look of a long iron then choose a driving iron with a profile that fits your eye. But at the end of the day the best option is to go for a custom fitting. What we think is the best option and what works best in reality isn’t always the same. Spend your money wisely by getting the help of a professional to ensure that you invest your money into a good driving iron that is suitable for your game and needs.

Brand & Manufacturers to consider

Currently there are many different high quality golf manufacturers that have high quality and high performing golf clubs on the market. The golf club industry is extremely competitive and as a result most of the clubs out there are very good. But let’s make the hunt for a new driving iron a little bit easier by reviewing some of the leading driving irons currently available on the market.

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