It is estimated that over 60 million people play the game of Golf around the world. Traditionally played in developed countries including the U.K, U.S Japan, and South Africa, by predominately male players this has begun to change drastically in the last few years. Not only is Golf now played in more countries around the world than ever before but woman now play the game in much larger numbers than has traditionally been the case.

This is excellent news for a sport that is often criticized for being stuck in the past and too traditional. And contrary to what many critics say, Golf can be a highly exciting and passion filled sport.

Just ask any Golf fan and they will tell you of when they first got bitten by the ‘golf bug’ and their life seemed to revolve around becoming a better player and learning as much about the game as possible.

Obviously, for many of us, the dreams of becoming a professional golfer are short lived. Although we would like to think so, the level that the top players in the world reach and far beyond our wildest dreams. However, this shouldn’t stop us aiming to become the very best golfers we can be and at The Bro Zone, we hope to help you achieve that by putting together information-packed guides to some of the best golf equipment about.

Each and every year, the leading manufacturers in the golfing would seem to come out with another advanced piece of technology to take your game to the next level. However, how sure can you be that this isn’t simple marketing spill and might actually help your game? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve created the long form guides we have. Testing the latest produces and reviewing the best brands in detail so you can make informed decisions on how best to improve your game.

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