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Best Foosball Table Comparison & Reviews 2020

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This review guide was updated on August 2020. If you haven’t got the time to scan this whole indepth guide then just a quick heads up that leaders Foosey Foosey have an offer on their foosball tables lasting until Wednesday, August 5th 2020, you can check that offer out here.


Foosball is one of the most entertaining table games around. It is played on a specially designed surface and at times is also known as table soccer.

The aim of the game is to maneuver miniature soccer players on the table to score in your opponents goal, much like the full size, real-life version of the game but enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Foosball can be played by two to four players at any one time with each player or each team controlling four of the eight bars through via a spin handle.

As already mentioned, the aim of the game is to outscore your opponent, however it isn’t necessarily as easy as that, and there is a whole lot of strategy that goes in to playing foosball. This can mean experienced players are more than likely to have the upper hand when facing off against beginners.

Although you may think that foosball is played only for recreational and social purposes, there are actually a number formal tournaments including the World Championship and World Cup of Foosball.

These are organized and played annually by the Table Soccer Federation and although it is not part of the Olympic Games…yet! It is still played by opponents from around the world making the tournaments a competitive affair.

Although the rules of foosball are fairly simple there is actually a level of technical difficulty and skill to mastering the game.

It is not easy to play and win, especially when up against strong opposition.

To be a true champion you need to practice a lot and a high-quality foosball table is necessary to do just that.

Not only do the best foosball tables allow you practice whenever you want but they will also prove to be a great attraction as part of your games room.

When it comes to finding the best foosball table there are many options and finding the right one can be a daunting task when faced with so much choice.

To make the process as easy as possible this guide will be broken down into a number of sections to make sure you find the best foosball table to top of your games room or apartment.

Which Type of Foosball Table is Best for You?

There are two main types of foosball table, available, first up is the stand-alone table while the second popular option is the tabletop foosball table.

The stand-alone table is more expensive and requires more space. However there is no such issue with a tabletop foosball table as the playing surface can be placed directly on top of other objects similar in size, for example a coffee table.

Another popular type of foosball table is the multi-game option which is growing in popularity due to its versatile nature and the fact it allows you to play many games without having to create space for a number of different tables. The different types of foosball tables are compared below.

Standalone Foosball Table

The stand-alone foosball table is quite a unique games table.

It is an all-in-one piece foosball table, which comprises table top and attached legs.

This type of foosball table is usually prepared from solid wood and can be quite a lot heavier than the other types of table included in this comparison.

Someone buying this type of table typically chooses a stand-alone foosball table for their games room or man cave because these are the most durable foosball tables around and also usually of the highest quality.

This means you will get many years of entertainment and enjoyment from a table of this kind but the durable nature of these tables are usually reflected in the slightly higher price tags.

Manufacturers use high-quality wood and other materials to prepare tables such as these and when they come with one-piece stylish design you know you’re getting a top of the range foosball table.


Tabletop Foosball Tables

Moving and setting up a stand-alone foosball table is not always such an easy task. As well as the bulky nature they are often more expensive as well, however the same can’t be said for tabletop tables which are an excellent alternative.

The transportation and setting up of a tabletop foosball table couldn’t be easier.

Not only are they also cheaper but they are extremely reliable as well meaning they will fit in your home for social purposes but can also be packed away with ease.

Many people buy this type of foosball table to haul it anywhere they want, playing wherever they can and getting in as much practice as possible.

You can set this type of foosball table up over any sort of wooden or metal table, just like your kitchen table to begin playing straight away.

Tabletop foosball tables are small in size and very cost-effective, making them an extremely popular choice for people who haven’t got the space needed for a large foosball table or want to be able to pack the fun away once the game has finished.

Multi-Game Tables

The multi-game foosball table is designed especially for a child’s games room.

It is a table that comes with the option to play multiple games, all using the same table.

Different surfaces slip onto the top of the table to provide a range of games. All you need to do is remove the bars and the empty surface can be used for playing table games like ping pong, shuffleboard bowling, air hockey, checkers, backgammon, chess, and even draughts.

You can play all of these games on a multi-game foosball table as well as any others you come up with yourself..maybe even beer pong when it’s just left to the adults!

This versatility makes this type of table one of the top choices when it comes to choosing the best foosball table for your home.

Coin Operated Foosball Tables

Coin operated foosball tables are designed to provide long-lasting entertainment and fun in public spaces from bars and clubs to the arcade.

These are usually slightly more expensive with manufacturers favoring high-quality and durable materials to build these tables.

People can play these foosball game for many hours and there will no wear and tear on the table, you can even earn a bit of money back after you collect the coins.

best foosball table design

What to Consider Why Buying a Foosball Table

As already covered above there a number of different types of foosball tables available.

As well as the different styles, tables also come in a range of different sizes and fall into a number of different price ranges.

This means if you want to find the best foosball table you need to take a number of factors into consideration, these include:

Size of the Table

A normal foosball table usually stretches 30” wide and 56” long.

A conventional table will also require 7 to 8 feet extra space for the people playing the game so it is important to remember this additional spacing.

The playing bars also extend out of the table so you will need room for handling them effectively, all this needs to be taken into account when purchasing a foosball table.

Standard size foosball tables vary in price depending on the overall style and design of the table.

The dimensions noted above are tournament standard so this needs to be factored in if you are planning to become a pro foosball player, heading all the way to the World Cup of table soccer!

If you’re working with a budget you can easily find an affordable foosball table of smaller size, and these small mini foosball tables are ideal for home use.

Consider Your Foosball Skill Level

The same formula applies when you buy any new sports equipment – It is important to consider your playing skills first and then invest your bucks into the equipment that best suits your level of play, and the same goes for foosball as well.

This means you should look to invest your money into the tabletop version of the foosball tables if you are a beginner, buying the table for young children, or looking for a game to play purely for recreational purposes.

Tabletop foosball tables are fairly inexpensive in comparison to stand-alone and multi-game tables and you can easily set them above a robust wooden table and practice daily, your game will improve and then you can think about buying a high-quality foosball table further down the line.

If you have learnt how to play foosball and are planning to replace the tabletop foosball table with an improved model, then you should buy one of the best foosball tables compared in this list.

Your new foosball table should offer a flat playing surface, smooth-moving bars, and robust structure to provide a long lasting service.

Many brands produce intermediate tables that offer sturdy legs and durable tabletop. These manufacturers use reliable material to prepare different components of the table so you know you’re getting a table built to last.

You need a full-size foosball table if you’re an advanced grade player.

Ideally the table you choose should have a robust structure, durable legs, and a cabinet included. It is also likely that the table is going to get a lot of use if you want to practice daily to improve your skills meaning you should look to purchase a table that is sturdy enough to last.

The bars should move smoothly and the playing surface should be flat to offer better game-play.

Yes, you can think about buying a stand-alone foosball table if you are a top level foosball player or looking to impress others with a high-class addition to your games room.

Materials used to make the foosball table

Different types of materials are used for preparing various foosball tables and it is the price and design of these materials that ultimately decide the overall cost of the table.

For example, a table that uses particle board can be quite inexpensive as it is likely the wood on the table top will get warped and the playing surface will become uneven.

These inexpensive particle board comprising foosball tables generally will also have issues related to the joints of the table.

The joints get loosened and therefore the table does not offer a long-term service, so although they may be a cheap option they’re not necessarily the best choice.

You should increase your budget and search for a foosball table built with top grade material if you want your foosball table to stand out and last the test of time.

The intermediate grade tables would be the best if you are planning to set it in a game rooms or arcade and not looking to break the bank.

However you should invest and not worry too much about the price when you are searching for a foosball table for your pub or bar purely because you want the piece to be an attraction.

Many people will use it on a daily basis so a stand-alone or coin-operated table would be the best option here.

Adjustable Legs or Standard Height?

The height of a standard foosball table is around 36 inches, making it perfect for both teenagers and adults.

However, there are cases when this isn’t always the best choice, for example, a foosball table with standard height won’t be great if you are planning to set it in an arcade or area where only children will be able to access it.

Many young kids are likely going to want to play and you don’t want the table’s height restricting their fun.

In this case, it may be better if you were to buy a table with an adjustable height feature with many of the best foosball tables coming with this function.

This will allow you to change the height of the table according to the height of the players using it and offer better enjoyment to everyone who plays.

We hope that the above sections have answered a number of questions related to finding the best foosball table for you. Hopefully, these answers will leave you with a much clearer picture as to what it takes to choose the right table depending on your needs.

Do not forget to check the type, material and height of the table as well as factoring in your skills before making a purchase.

The price of a foosball table will ultimately depend on the material of the table and also on the style and type.

The cost will obviously make a big difference to what is the right foosball table for you.

To offer even more help we have reviewed the top selling and best-rated foosball tables below, all of which you can buy online. So, check the reviews carefully below to find your perfect table.

Foosball Table Reviews

Tornado Elite Foosball Table
1. Tornado Elite Foosball Table

The Tornado Elite Foosball Table comes available with 1-½” thick cabinet and weighs around 225lbs.

A durable foosball table that is built to last it can easily withstand heavy-duty gameplay, whether you play daily or only occasionally.

The manufacturer has used commercial grade hollow rods and levelers to ensure the table is both reliable and secure and this is not a table you will have to fix after only a few months of owning.

This study construction and the high quality materials used in production also offer better control during gameplay.

This means you can play better and faster, helping you to beat your opponent with regular practice. Compared to some foosball tables the Tornodo Elite isn’t too heavy meaning you can move it pretty easily.

This table also has levelers in the legs meaning you can also adjust the height of the table according to the requirements of those playing.

Hopefully having read this review you can see why we voted it the best foosball table around. There really are hours of fun waiting for you with this table.


  • It is a durable foosball table and ideal for intermediate and advanced grade players.
  • Offers commercial grade rods for a smooth and fast game-play.
  • Good for regular practice for keen foosball players
  • Robust frame and tabletop improve the performance and longevity.


  • Some may find this table slightly expensive and there are more affordable alternatives if you’re only looking for your kids games room.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table
2. Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Just like other foosball tables manufactured by Tornado, the Classic Foosball Table is another commercial grade option.

It offers 1-½” thick cabinet meaning it is a robust table that can withstand plenty of action and the thickness of this table turns it into a durable choice.

It is a Made in the USA and a product and built to provide the best practice for newbies or advanced players.

It is a standard size foosball table, which comprises top-quality components including the cabinet, legs, rods and the levelers.

It can offer a long lasting service, if you pay attention to its maintenance.


  • The black leather laminate finish turns it into a luxurious foosball table
  • Thick cabinet
  • Available with leg levelers meaning you can set it up  anywhere you want
  • It is a solid wood made foosball table with wooden handles
  • Built by one of the most reliable foosball table manufacturers


  • It is a perfect foosball table according to the buyers and there are no negative reviews or drawbacks shared by us

3. Sunnydaze 48-Inch Foosball Table

Compared to the first two tables reviewed this is not an advanced grade foosball table but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got its benefits.

Manufactured specifically for kids, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a game to play with young children.

It is 24” wide x 31” tall x 48” long meaning it is slightly smaller than regulation tables and making it perfect for younger players.

It is a tabletop foosball table that weighs only 48lbs and prepared from robust MDF material making it ideal for your home or kids’ game rooms.

The cabinets and legs are decorated with soccer graphics which is a fun addition. As well as the appearance the handles on this table have comfortable grips meaning you can play for hours and allows them to spin effortlessly so you can easily handle the bars to hit the ball.

Two manual scorers are attached to this table, so recording the score couldn’t be easier.

The manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty with this table for repair and this was by far the best foosball table we reviewed for youngsters.


  • It has impressive soccer graphics.
  • It is a durable table for the children’s entertainment.
  • It is equipped with robust rods and comfortable grips.
  • A scorer is attached on the both ends of the table.
  • A reliable table for the beginners and kids.


  • This table is the best as a recreational foosball table or for beginners. It is not for the intermediate and advanced players.

Tornado Worthington Foosball Table
4. Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

This option is a 56” x 30” x 36” recreational foosball table, which offers ¾” playing surface and 1.5” cabinet.

The designers have provided attractive graphics to improve your shot accuracy and the table is made of wood and weighs around 350lbs.

It also offers heavy-gauge rods, furniture-grade finish, dual ball returns and Tornado’s 3-piece split bearings.

It doesn’t require a lot of care, and can also withstand heavy game-play every day. The legs are equipped with levelers, which are used to improve and reduce the height.

Both young and adult players can play comfortably with this foosball table.


  • A reliable foosball table for intermediate to advanced players
  • Durable design meaning you can be sure this table will last
  • The manufacturer is offering a 1 year warranty
  • Adjustable legs and natural wood made handles improve the comfort of this table


  • It is not designed for the beginners and kids so if you’re new to the game an alternative choice on this list may be a better option.

5. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Not everyone may want to invest big bucks into a heavy natural wood made foosball table.

Others might want impressive alternatives, and that’s why Tornado have designed the Tournament 3000 Foosball table.

This table is built for offering tournament standard performance without having to break the bank to do so definitely making it one of the best foosball tables around.

It meets all the standards applied by the ITSF and offers simple markers on both sides of the table that players can easily slide with one hand.

The legs are robust and equipped with top quality levelers. You can adjust the height and enjoy the soft movement of the rods during the game.


  • Smooth and durable playing surface
  • It is an ITSF certified practice table for the advanced foosball players
  • Featuring sharper corners with an enhanced cross section for improved ball control and passing
  • Equipped with robust end protectors, bold logo graphics and stainless-steel laminate.


  • It is a heavy and expensive foosball table and probably not an ideal choice for the recreational purpose.

6. Giantex Foosball Table

This foosball table is designed for game arcades and is a competition-sized table making it great for helping you to learn the game.

It is built by medium density fiberboard and includes chrome finished steel rods that are used to offer better sturdiness and stability.

Two cup holders are installed on both the sides of the table for added convenience and to stop you getting thirsty during a game!

11 red and 11 white players are attached to 4-4 rods as are the dimensions of tournament tables.


  • It is a competition size foosball table and it is an affordable choice for the beginners.
  • Durable wooden structure and a full-size cabinet.
  • Robust legs and plastic made bar handles.
  • Smooth and fraction-free playing space.


  • Advanced and regular players of foosball may not find this table a feasible option as they would require better durability and leveler equipped legs.

7. EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table

The EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table is an affordable option for any games room.

Because of the price it is a great option for those new to the game or looking to learn the rules of foosball without making a big purchase.

However because of this, intermediate and advanced players may struggle with this table as the quality just isn’t as high as some of the others reviewed in this list.

However if you are new to game of table soccer we found this to be the best foosball table for value.


  • It is a 54”full-size foosball table, best for 2 or 4 people
  • The luster long finish offers an impressive design and durability
  • The manufacturer has equipped high performance rods to provide a long-lasting and fast-paced game
  • Equipped with bead style scoring


  • The manufacturer is offering a short warranty and its durability and sturdiness are also questionable.

8. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

If you want to provide your kids with a great source of entertainment, you should buy the Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table.

It would be wrong to say that this table is for intermediate or advanced players because it is just for fun however that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great purchase for most foosball players.

This is a 37” x 20” x 8” tabletop foosball table, which you can carry anywhere you go to play table soccer.


  • It is a compact tabletop foosball table, best for families with kids
  • The chrome plated steel rods ensure smooth shots
  • Rubber gloves are installed over the bars to offer strong grip and better control
  • Sliding manual scorer is provided to keep the scores


  • This foosball table is the best for recreational purpose and it is not for advanced players

9. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is another great foosball table, designed and built for the kids but still a great choice for players of all ages.

Although adults can also use this table and join in the fun the table is predominately for younger players.

However this also those mean that the lifespan of this product is questionable. It is an ABS constructed foosball table, which comes with ¼” Thick cabinets.


  • Durable enough to bear the heavy games played by kids
  • Graphics make it look impressive
  • Best for families


  • It is not for adults and it is not durable enough to offer a long lasting game play.

10. Giantex Foosball Soccer Table

You should take interest in buying this foosball table only if you want to add more entertaining stuff in your home.

It is good for indoor amusement however the overall quality doesn’t quite match up to the other tables reviewed in this list.

It provides MDF construction, robust steel rods with slide bearings and cup holders for better convenience.


  • It is an easy to assemble foosball table
  • It is affordable and good for regular entertainment for kids


  • This foosball table is only for entertainment. You should search for another table if you are planning to learn this game and improve your skills.