What is Foosball?

The easiest way to describe Foosball is to refer to it as Table Soccer as it is sometimes also known. The game is set up in exactly the same way as soccer with two teams and a goal keeper each, the object is to score in your opponent’s goal and in Foosball this is done by using handles to control and spin different players on the table. You can change the speed and positioning of which you control your team and this can help you to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Foosball is often played with 2 to 4 players and the great thing is the game can be played by all ages. This means it a great acquisition for any games room and will keep you entertained for hours.

History of Foosball

In the U.S. we may ask the question of how the name Foosball is so far from ‘Table Soccer’ but of course in much of the world Soccer is known as Football meaning in Europe and particularly the U.K. the game is referred to as Table Football. Regardless of the name it goes by, Foosball has a long and industrious history.

The game can be traced back to the end of the 19th Century, with the guess as to when it was first played somewhere around 1880/1890s. There are a number of contrasting stories as to who actually invented the game but the reason it was invented is clear – entertainment. The game has always been an enjoyable means of fun indoor competition and this is no different today. Before the days of FIFA and ultra-realistic PlayStations, Foosball was a means for fans to live out their heroes on field glories. What is known is the first patent attached to Foosball was applied for as early as 1923 meaning the game had become popular enough by that point to want to claim the design of Foosball as a trademark.

How to Improve Your Game

Now to some Foosball may just be seen as fun game purely played socially with friends or family when you want to incorporate everybody. However for others Foosball is a competitive game that involved, tournaments, competitions and fast paced matches. Whatever group you fall in to we hope our guides below will help you begin to enjoy the game of Foosball by pointing you in the direction of a high quality table or improve your game by highlighting tips and strategies you just have to adopt.

Foosball Rules

Before you can beginning playing any game of Foosball it is important that you have a rough idea of the rules. Although it may seem pretty easy to grasp, and after a few games you will be flying in no time, to ensure you are playing correctly from the start we have laid out a few basic rules quickly to kick you off.

We have avoided going in to too much detail as we know there is nothing worse than be bombarded and bored with too much information that really isn’t helpful. Instead our quick round up highlights some of the basic rules you need to stick and you will be having fun in no time.

Best Foosball Table

Once you have a firm grasp on the rules of Foosball you can now move on to finding yourself a suitable table. As individual needs will vary depending on who is buying the table there is also a good amount of choice when it comes to purchasing different types and styles of foosball tables. It may be that you’re looking for a tournament standard table with correct dimensions or that you want a mini foosball table that you can easily fold away. Whatever it is that you desire our review of the top 10 best foosball tables will include a perfect fit for your needs.

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Foosball Strategy

The final guide in our Foosball series will really help you become a great player. By now you will know the rules of by heart and already own a high quality table that is the envy of all your friends. All that’s left is to really grasp and fine tune some Foosball strategy that will ensure you never lose a game again.

Although to amateurs it may seem as if there is really no skill to Foosball, to anyone who has played the game regularly will know that just isn’t the case. From how you position your team to what passes or shots you make, finding the strategy for your style and to beat your particularly opponent is important if you want to be the best.