Dart Games You Need to Play with Freinds

Hosting a party or hanging out with your friends can be more fun with the right games to play. Playing darts can be an excellent activity, but the usual games can get a bit boring.

Tired of playing the usual games on your dart board? Or is there a board hanging in your wall that you haven’t used for years? This guide will run through a few games you can try in order to step up the fun you have when playing darts.

Standard 501 & 301

Normally, two players or teams are required for the Standard 301 and 501 games, but more players may also join in. It is a bit challenging, with all the numbers on the dart board in play. However, some numbers may be more useful than the rest. The numbers 19 and 20 – being the highest numbers on the dart board – can be used a lot to get more points. The goal of this game is for the players to reach exactly zero by subtracting their hits to their starting total number of points. For Standard 301, all the players begin with 301 points, while in Standard 501, they begin with 501 points. Though the two games have the same general rules, Standard 301 is played slightly different from 501.

In order to start subtracting points in 301, the player must earn a double hit – by hitting one of the 21 doubles or hitting double bull. To win, the player should also get a double hit (double out). For example, if you have 32 points left to win, you will need to hit a double 16 to end the game. If you hit more points than what you have left, your points will go back to the same score you had before that throw. The game continues until one gets exactly zero points.

For 501, all you have to do is hit any number. You do not need to get double hits. To end the game, the player must reach zero by getting a double out.

Around the Clock

Around the clock is a simple dart game that is normally played with two players having three darts each. 3 or more players could join, but this would either make the game more difficult or easy to finish. This is a popular game that is usually played in parties and some pubs. The goal of this game is for a player to hit the numbers in the dart board. It is quite a challenge, because the numbers should be hit in proper order, from 1 to 20. The players switch turns after three throws. The player cannot advance unless he hits the next number on the board.

Chase the Dragon

This game is similar to Around the Clock, but with more challenge. Two or more players can join the game, with each having three darts. Each player takes turns after getting three throws. The aim of this game is to be able to hit the triple segments. It must be hit in order from 10 to 20, and then hit the semi bull and bullseye. Each player cannot proceed to the next number on the board unless they hit the current target (for example, you cannot hit triple 12 without hitting triple 11).


Cricket is a fun dart game that involves 2 players or 2 teams. For this game, not all numbers on the board will be in play, only numbers 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the bull’s-eye will be used.

The players’ objective is to own some numbers on the board and to get the highest score. Three darts are thrown in one turn, and the players alternate after every turn. In order to own a number, the player must hit the number thrice. This is done by hitting three singles, one single and a double, or a triple. The outer bull is a single, while the inner bull is a double. The numbers could be owned and closed in no particular order.

If both players get three of the same number, it is closed and no scores could be added to either players for that number. If a player closes an inning, they get to have points until the opponent also closes it. In order to win the game, the player must close all the innings first and have the most points.


If you’re housing a party with a few friends, Shanghai would be a great game for you guys to play. There is no required number of players to join, but it is usually played with 12 or more players. This game does not use all the numbers on the dart board, with only the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in play.

The players take turns in throwing on every number, in numerical order. Like most dart games, every player gets to throw three darts for every turn. Players compete by trying to score as much points as they can for every turn, using three darts. Keep in mind that only the darts that hit the numbers in play get scores. For example, if the number in play is 2, the highest score that one player can get is 6.

As the game progresses, the higher the score. To win the game, a player should have the highest score at the end, or a player can score a shanghai to get an automatic win.

A shanghai means being able to hit the single, double, and triple of the number that is in play.


Baseball dart version is similar to that of the actual baseball game. This is a great game you can play with your friends, especially when you feel like goofing around and making yourselves feel like real baseball players.

This game usually involves two players or two teams, like a normal baseball game, but any number of players can be involved. The numbers in play are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The players try to get as many points as they can in every inning. In order to win, the player must hit the number in the current inning, and score the most points. For every inning, the single is one run, the double is two runs, and the triple is three. Like baseball, the player or team with the most runs wins the game. Extra innings can be played if the game ends in a tie, and the players are given the same number of turns until they get a winner – just like baseball.

bristle dart board


Another exciting party game is Killer, which is better enjoyed with three or more participants. Unlike the other dart board games, the players get to choose the numbers in play for this one.

The players each throw one dart with their opposite hand, in order to randomly know his or her number. If the player misses, they get to throw again until they get a number.

The rules are pretty simple. The players must first hit the double of the numbers they got. Once they have done this, they become dubbed as a “killer.” When the player becomes a killer, he or she starts to aim on getting the double numbers of his or her opponents.

Every player is given three lives. When a killer shoots his or her opponents’ double number, the one shot loses a life. If the killer accidentally shoots his or her number, the killer loses one life. A winner is named when there is only one person left.


If you think golf is a game that can only be played in the field, then think again. This golf game is a new twist, involving as many players as you want. This game is a quick one, with only 3 shots for every hole. This could involve either 9 or 18 holes, depending on your choice.

The goal is similar to that of real golf. The player must complete every hole by throwing the least shots as possible. In order to win, the player must have the lowest score after 9 or 18 holes.

To begin playing, the player must determine who goes first by throwing one dart on the bullseye. The closest one plays first. The first player starts by throwing on the first hole (the 1’s). Every player has the option to throw one or all of his or her darts on the hole, but the last dart thrown is the one that will be counted for a point.

When scoring every hit, outer “doubles” ring serves as a hole in one. The inner “triples” ring hit is counted as 2 points. The middle of the bullseye and the triples ring is counted as 3 points. The middle of the doubles and triples ring counts as 4 points, and missing the number entirely is counted as 5 points. The game ends when all holes are played, with the player having the smallest score deemed as the winner.

Now that we have presented you with new ways to use your dart board, we hope that you would be able to use them to make your parties and hangouts with your friends more engaging and exciting.

When playing any of these games, if you’re struggling to hit the target, a dart board wall protector may be a wise investment.

The Great new, many modern dart boards come with many if not all these games built in.For more information check out our review guide of the best electronic dart boards.