Darts 101 : Everything You Need to Know

Darts is a sport that is growing in popularity. Traditionally played in the United Kingdom, the sport is now growing in presence throughout Europe in countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. The sport is also growing in the United States with both an increasing number of club and social players who are enjoying the game at home. Known as a ‘pub’ game the image of darts is transforming, morphing in to a sport of it’s own. The World Championships held each year in the Alexandra Palace, London are a must watch event for many keen sports enthusiasts as the standard and quality continue to rise.

This has naturally led to increase in the number of people playing the game. As a fun sport to play both competitively and socially with others dart boards are now becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the U.S. and with this resurgence we can’t blame you if you want to improve your own game and become the best darts player you can possibly be. To help you get there we will first give you a real quick run through of the history of the sport and then point you in the direction of your comprehensive, in depth guides to help you take your game to the next level!

A Quick History Lesson

Darts can date its origins back to a game first played in England during the times of King Henry VIII, how about that for feeling noble next time you fit in a game of darts. The reason for the uptake in the new sport was for archers to practice their aim and accuracy all year round, these fellows obviously enjoyed a drink as the game soon caught on in pubs and taverns and the game of darts was born. It is even said that Anne Boleyn once gave the King a set of darts when they first started courting!

Variations of the game include ‘Puff and Dart’ in which players used a dart gun to blow the darts out of and aim at a target not too dissimilar from dart boards still used today. It was 1896 when the universal dart board numbering system was settled upon and darts was really born.

There are many English folklore tails through the 100 years up until the modern day about darts but they could have their own site dedicated to them so for now we will avoid them and move on to how you can improve at the game you are hopefully beginning to love.

Improve Your Game

For beginners, intermediates or even advanced players of the game we hope the following section will be of use. Below we divide up our individual guides and show how each can help you to enjoy darts further.

Find the Best Darts for You

Our comprehensive darts compares and reviews the 10 best darts currently available. As well this comparison we also breakdown what sets certain darts apart and also look at the different components of darts from the flights to the shaft. Our comparison goes into detail that we failed to find elsewhere so if you’re looking to purchase a new set of darts our guide will definitely help.

Best Dartboards

Once you have found a set of darts that suit your throwing style and fit your budget the next purchase you need to make is a high quality darts board. Again this guide takes a thorough look at the different types of boards available, which brands to look out for and helping you to make a purchase that you won’t regret in five months time!

Best Electronic Dart Board

Quite simply, if you’re looking to invest in a dart board in 2019 than we can’t recommend electronic dart boards enough. Not only are they safer, meaning they are perfect for players of all ages but by calculating and keeping the score for you they also add an extra layer of fun to the game of darts.

Dart Cases

Just like cabinets for boards, a stylish dart cases is a great way to look after and store away your new darts safely. Whether you play regularly and looking for a case to impress your friends or just looking for a case to store darts for when you play every now and then our guide will run through the best options for you.

Dart Shirts

Now some will say you aren’t a real darts player until you have purchased a shirt. We’re not here to agree or disagree with that statement but if you do want to look like the best, either in a bid to channel Michael van Gerwan or just as a late night joke when your next playing with pals then a shirt for darts is great way to do that.

Darts Rules

Seen as we’ve provided low downs on the best equipment for you to play darts which its only right we make sure you’re playing properly. This guide runs through the rules of the sport so you can be sure you are on hand to clear up any questions or controversy next time they arise.

Dart Games

Bored of the same old 501? This fun guide runs through some of the best dart games to play with friends to keep you entertained for hours and make sure you keep playing the game we’re sure you love so much.

Dart Board Wall Protectors

Protect the wall behind your dart board with a specialy made wall protector. This means hours of fun without damaging the walls in your games room from any stray darts.